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Dubai Click offers you the opportunity to discover Hatta, with the Hatta Tour, the border town of Oman located a 1.5-hour drive from Dubai. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Hatta during an unforgettable day trip from Dubai. Nestled in the Hajar Mountains, this charming enclave offers breathtaking landscapes, refreshing waterfalls, traditional villages, and an authentic ambiance. Explore the hidden treasures of Hatta, escape the city’s hustle and bustle, and enjoy a peaceful getaway in the heart of nature.

Visit Details:

Transfer and Departure:
Your adventure-filled day will begin with a transfer from your hotel in Dubai to Hatta. You will be greeted by your guide who will provide you with information about the excursion and answer any questions you may have.
Departure time: 10:00 AM
Return time: 8:00 PM

Hatta Wadi Park:
Experience thrilling adventures at Hatta Wadi Park. This activity center offers mountain biking, archery, rock climbing, zip-lining, and more!

Hatta Dam / Hatta Lake / Hatta Kayak:
The Hatta Dam, built in the late 1990s, took two years to fill and ensures a sustainable water supply for the residents. This dam is one of the main attractions of the region! You can rent a kayak and explore the glistening turquoise waters that contrast against the earthy rocks, offering a picturesque landscape.

Traditional Villages:
Explore the charming traditional villages of Hatta, where you can discover the local culture and observe the daily life of the residents. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of these picturesque villages.

The Hatta Tour is an unforgettable getaway that allows you to discover the natural beauty and authenticity of Hatta, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Enjoy the mountainous landscapes, refreshing waterfalls, and traditional ambiance of the villages. This excursion offers a culturally and naturally enriching experience during your stay in Dubai.

Learn more about the Hatta Tour excursion:


  • Discover the magnificent mountainous landscapes of Hatta.
  • Immerse yourself in the traditional ambiance of Hatta’s villages.



  • 10 hours.


Suitable for:

  • This excursion is suitable for all ages and is ideal for individual travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends looking for an outdoor and cultural experience during their stay in Dubai.


Recommended attire:

  • Comfortable and lightweight clothing is recommended.
    Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and water to stay hydrated during the visit.


Important information:

  • A passport is mandatory.
  • For any last-minute cancellation or no-show, no rescheduling or refund will be made.
  • The same applies to any unannounced delays that result in the inability to participate in the activity. Activity subject to availability!


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  • Number of vehicule

    Private car - 4x4 transfer - Max 6pers/car

    maximum 6 persons

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