Sheikh Zayed Mosque


4 Hours


City tour


Abu Dhabi


Discover the splendor and grandeur of Sheikh Zayed Mosque on an unforgettable visit to Abu Dhabi. This magnificent mosque is an architectural marvel that blends tradition and modernity, offering a glimpse into Islamic art and the cultural richness of the United Arab Emirates. Be amazed by its stunning architecture, exquisite details, and spiritual atmosphere during this unique experience.

Visit Details:

Welcome and Introduction:
Your visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque will begin with a warm welcome from your knowledgeable guide who will provide you with information about the history, significance, and conduct rules to be followed during your visit. You will learn about the architectural and artistic aspects of this beautiful mosque.

Architectural Discovery:
You will be dazzled by the impressive architecture of the mosque, with its majestic domes, towering minarets, and magnificent artistic details. Your guide will explain the unique features of the mosque and its importance in the culture of the United Arab Emirates.

Spiritual Serenity:
As you enter the mosque, you will feel an atmosphere of peace and serenity. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the place and admire the beautiful Persian carpets, crystal chandeliers, and walls adorned with verses from the Quran.

Gardens and Exterior:
Take advantage of the expansive gardens surrounding the mosque, providing a peaceful setting for a relaxing stroll. You can take photos of the mosque from the outside to capture its beauty as a whole.

The visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a fascinating experience that allows you to discover the architectural and spiritual grandeur of the United Arab Emirates. Admire the exquisite details of this remarkable mosque, immerse yourself in its serene atmosphere, and appreciate the cultural beauty of this must-visit destination in Abu Dhabi.

Learn more about the Sheikh Zayed Mosque visit:


  • Admire one of the largest mosques in the world, Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Discover stunning architecture and impressive artistic details.
  • Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and serenity of this holy place.
  • Learn about the Islamic culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates.



  • 6 hours.
  • 2 hours for the mosque visit.


Suitable for:

  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque visit is suitable for all ages and all types of travelers, from individuals to families and groups. It is a must-visit experience for architecture enthusiasts, culture lovers, and those interested in Islamic religion.


Recommended attire:

  • Modest and respectful attire is required to visit the mosque. Women should wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the shoulders, arms, and legs, as well as a headscarf to cover the hair. Men should wear decent clothing, avoiding shorts and tank tops.


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  • Number of vehicule - Morning session (9 am - 2 pm)

    Transfer by 4x4 - max 6pers/car

    Number of vehicule - Afternoon session (3:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

    Transfer by 4x4 - max 6pers/car
    maximum 6 persons

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